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Anyone who visits Pulau Redang, the largest island off the East coast of tropical Malaysia surely thanks himself for the wise decision of taking a vacation to this heavenly land. What would a place be called where one doesn't wake up with the hustle and bustle of the streets, rather gets up with the warm, tingling sun rays that wish one a good morning, a place where the feet seeks no other pampering than lying near the cool beach waves and a place that at night doesn't brighten up with street lights but through the shining stars that glow in the clear sky. While most people would call it a paradise, in Malaysia they call it Pulau Redang!

pulau tundaWhat makes the island even more lovable is a Pulau Redang Resort that is surrounded by hills which give a perfect contrast to the purplish sky with its lush green cover. The entire location of the resort heightens the comfort quotient as the verdant mounts act as a protector from any distraction that comes from the city life. Watching the sun meet the never-ending ocean during evenings on a sun-set cruise or meeting the alien creatures in the woods through jungle trekking are some of the recreational facilities offered by the resort. The resort in Kuala Terengganu can be reached via air, road and sea that can be pre-arranged to avoid any inconvenience during the entire voyage.

The rooms and suites that come attached with private balconies and most modern amenities ensure that guests seek nothing more, nothing else. With an option of staying in a luxurious villa where guests are offered personal butler services and an infinity swimming pool, staying in the resort becomes a vacation in itself where travelers do not have to step out of the resort to be close to nature, instead being able to have a rendezvous with the tranquil surroundings while sipping their favorite drink in the spacious balconies. The vacationers are made to feel even more welcomed through restaurants in the resort that have an ambiance that is modernistic just to the right amount. Such restaurants offer them a range of gastronomical that reflect the taste of local specialties, and make them travel to a unique culinary journey that encompasses ingredients and spices in delicacies that have never been tried before.

Backpackers who travel to Pulau Redang usually seek a resort that would spoil them with recreational facilities which would renew or rejuvenate their mind, body and soul through a range of treatments. If you adored this write-up and you would such as to receive even more info relating to Pulau Tunda kindly browse through our web site. Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy massage and Stress Relief Massage are some of the therapies offered by a luxurious resort in Kuala Terengganu. If there is any place that could educate one on how to get away from the monotonous work-life, there would be no better place than Pulau Redang. The island is not just a vacation destination, it is "the place" for souls that have been seeking to revitalize themselves through the incredible gifts of nature, a place that causes the re-birth of souls and persuades one to live life to the fullest!