Creator: Children of Georgia

Description: This video is about a mother who was forced to leave her newborn child in an infant house, because she was alone and couldn't care for the child properly. After one year she managed to bring her child back home where they now live together. After returning home, the child is developing at a greater speed and living in a more conducive environment.

Creator: Ceva de Spus

Description: Raluca Popescu is the Co-president of Ceva de Spus Association. Even though she has a severe physical disability, she was able to graduate from the West University of Timisoara. In this video she talks about the difficulties she and her mother had to face in order to be able to finish her studies. Raluca also talks about her experiences with entering into kindergarten, primary school, and high-school, as well as the lack of accessibility she has to fight with each day.

Creator: Ceva de Spus

Description: Andrei is a young man who is a member of the Special Olympics Romania team. He was decorated by the President of Romania for his great success in different sport competitions. In this interview, Andrei talks about how the Center for Integration and Occupational Therapy continues to support his ambitions.

Creator: Ceva de Spus

Description: Eli spent 23 years in different orphanages and institutions for people with intellectual disabilities where she had to face several abuses and inhuman treatment. Now she is the Co-president of Ceva de Spus Association, where she is living independently and fighting for deinstitutionalisation of people with disabilities.

Creator: Keystone Human Services Moldova

Description: When he was 6 years old, Stas had been placed in a state institution for boys with mental disabilities. Now he lives with his family and says that home is the best place to live. "We are the same, there is no difference" - this is the message that Stas would like his society to understand. This video was filmed by Stas and his family.

Creator: Keystone Human Services Moldova

Description: Fiodor is 33 years old and had spent 19 of them in a residential institution. Now he lives in the Shared Living Service, has a real family, works, and communicate with people. As he says - he is free now. Fiodor has a dream that all the men from the institution can one day live in the community.

Creator: Keystone Human Services Moldova

Description: All persons have the right to live in the community - this is just one message that people with disabilities (members of self-advocacy groups) would like to share with society. People who appear in this video have lived in an institution for a long time. All of them are now living in the community, where they have equal rights with all community members. The video makes a comparison between life in the community and life in an institution. The content of the video was developed together with persons with disabilities.

Creator: Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU)

Description: This new documentary, The Invisible, by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union offers a clear and moving message of why societies should not lock up people with intellectual disabilities. As the film notes, we still have hundreds of institutions in Europe in 2011, because these places are considered very convenient. Convenient, that is, except for the people who are forced to live in the institutions. The HCLU's film shows the situation of people living in these large scale institutions and calls for alternatives that provide humane living conditions.

Creator: Citizen Association SOLEM- Skopje

Description: This video is about a woman that was born into and then spent her entire life in an institution. With the deinstitutionalization process in the Republic of Macedonia, she got the opportunity to leave the institution and start living in the Housing Services in Skopje. She began to attend the programs of Citizen Association SOLEM - Skopje where she started learning new work and social skills and perfect the skills she already knew. Here she can express her opinions and wishes, make new friends, move about freely and truly be a part of the society.

Creator: Gral Film

Description: In Croatia, just as in many parts of the world, people with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities who also have physical disabilities are sent to institutions in huge numbers, leaving them completely socially excluded from their communities. They are confined to residential institutions that deprive them of any control over their lives. This happens for two main reasons: there is widespread and intense societal prejudice against them because of the way they look, and their physical environments do not accommodate their disabilities. NEW DAY follows two women leaving the institution, after having spent many years there, and moving into a universally designed apartment for people with disabilities - to start new life in the community, like everybody else..