Creator: Red Latinoamericana por el Acceso a Medicamentos

Description: Multinational pharmaceutical companies seek to keep their monopolies on medicines by using evergreening strategies, seeking additional patents after making small, non-therapeutic changes in the formulation of the same molecule (drug). This prevents millions of people around the world from accessing essential medicines to save their life. This video explains in simple and friendly language how an organized community should act to secure universal Access to Health!

Creator: Fundación Salud por Derecho

Description: In this documentary, experts and leading thinkers from around the world reveal chilling facts about our obsolete model of medical research. The pharmaceutical industry and R&D (research and development) system are controlled by companies that operate only to turn a profit on over-priced brand name drugs that sick people need to survive. This leaves citizens of many countries with no other option but to shell out large amounts of money for medicines that should be guaranteed as a right. Medical researchers and human rights activists call on the world’s governments to create a more transparent and accountable framework for the production and sale of vital medicines.