Creator: English Collective of Prostitutes

Description: This documentary follows the stories of sex workers who were evicted from their flats in Soho, London, during police raids in December 2013. Along with the traditional documentary format, actresses in a studio perform real testimonies given by the sex workers and reenact the trials in which these women appealed against the closure orders.

Creator: KHAM

Description: In this video, the Roma community from Crnik protests the rejection of Roma people by border police that enforce discriminatory practices. The featured community members provide testimonies that focus on their lives as a minority of people whom are not allowed to cross the border and earn a living wage. The Roma people call on the state to better allocate resources and create greater opportunities, so that they are not forced to find work across the border.

Creator: Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU)

Description: This documentary produced by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, a human rights watchdog NGO in Budapest, introduces the viewer to the most common rights violations that Roma people face in Hungary. Filmed over three years in the North-Eastern part of Hungary by the HCLU, the footage shows how discrimination is present in all aspects of life of Roma people: disadvantages at the labor market, discrimination at municipalities, by the police and by the judicial system. It shows how hate crime against Roma is tolerated, and how the law that was originally introduced to protect minorities is in real life used against them. Finally, the viewer is shown how the segregation of Roma children at the Hungarian school system ensures that Roma people live "Without a Chance."