Creator: Ukrainian Community Advisory Board (UCAB) Patients of Ukraine

Description: In 2013, due to the critical economic situation and national currency devaluation, the prices for drugs presented for state tenders were substantially raised by pharmaceutical companies by up to 300%. UCAB decided to appeal to pharmaceutical companies in an effort to end the sale unrealistically high priced medical products in Ukraine.

Creator: African Palliative Care Association (APCA)

Description: This video provides an overview of three expert opinions regarding why palliative care shouldn't be considered a "luxury" but rather an essential service. In 1.5 minutes it paints a picture of the burden of disease in Africa, and emphasises the impact of these services on the individual. This is done through a photo montage of patients from Uganda and Kenya receiving palliative care from a health care provider in different settings (home, clinic, hospital).

Creator: Kenya Hospices and Palliative care Association (KEHPCA)

Description: This video showcases the work that is going on in Kenya to integrate palliative care in the public health sector. Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA) is an example of organizations working to advocate for the rights of the patient. They ensure that patients have access to a holistic approach of treatment by which pain management and emotional support, such as spiritual and psychological needs, are addressed. KEHPCA is working with partners at the local and national level to integrate palliative care into the existing public health system and to build the capacity of health care workers.

Creator: Kenya Hospices and Palliative care Association (KEHPCA)

Description:Cancer is the third leading cause of death in Kenya with tens of thousands of new cases diagnosed each year. Organizations like the Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA) are working towards a cancer-free Kenya by improving services and providing palliative care for those most in need. In this film, key actors from WHO, Ministry of Health, KEHPCA, as well as a cancer survivor, are interviewed about the international effort to improve frameworks for cancer treatment.