Creator: Ukrainian Community Advisory Board (UCAB) Patients of Ukraine

Description: This video tells the story of how patient organizations overcame their situation of state funding for HIV/AIDS treatment in Ukraine. Funding has always been residual and insufficient and many HIV-positive patients all over the country were left without treatment. HIV-positive children, and children whose relatives were HIV-infected, signed postcards addressed to their state representatives - «Let me live!». 500 cards were personally collected for the President, which were hand delivered to him right after the press conference at the Children’s Center for HIV-positive children. Immediately following the press conference, the presidential order to the Prime Minister was signed to madate full financing for treatment of HIV-positive people in Ukraine.

Creator: Ukrainian Community Advisory Board (UCAB) Patients of Ukraine

Description: In Ukraine approximately 8% of citizens are infected with hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis, and HIV. Despite this fact, until the year 2013, Ukrainians did not have access to treatment of Hepatitis C because of the failed establishment of a state-sponsored program. This video was created to illustrate the result of an organized patients’ action. They asked for help and to procure medicines for patients who will inevitably die due to the absence of treatment.

Creator: Association for Development and Social Inclusion (Romania)

Description: "ADIS's initiative for the medical system was created within the campaign Purple States and sustained by Open Society Foundations. This film sums up the efforts of ADIS around the promotion and non-discrimination of vulnerable groups in the health system since 2010. After 5 years in the field, ADIS has helped to improve awareness, understanding, acceptance and respect for minorities. More than 800 students of medicine and professionals in the health system in Romania are a prodcut of this successful initiative."

Creator: International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE)

Description: On the 17th of December, sex workers, their advocates, allies, friends and families gathered around the world to denounce all acts of violence against sex workers. In this video, sex workers from Serbia, Macedonia, Spain, Turkey and Romania talk about human rights violations they face in their countries. Agata Dziuban from ICRSE presents powerful evidence that states that sex work has to be decriminalised and sex workers must be involved and heard in order to achieve an effective global HIV response.

Creator: Justice and Women Charitable Trust

Description: South African rural women speak about the violation of their rights to confidentiality, counselling and consent when tested for HIV/AIDS by some South African clinics when women were pregnant. Further, some women describe how they were treated whilst in labour by hospital staff, with some women being sterilised without consent. Community stigmatisation of people living with HIV/AIDS made it difficult for women to speak to others or gain support to confront and challenge these violations.

Creator: Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU)

Description: The HCLU visited Moscow in 2011 and produced a movie to promote the work of the Andrey Rylkov Foundation, the only NGO that provides clean needles for drug users in Moscow. The ARF gets no funding from the government. Anya Sarang, the head of ARF, does not give up. She is to send an open letter to Mr. Ivanov proposing to hold a joint press conference to explain their different positions on OST to the media. Despite the hostile political environment, she believes the ARF can survive in a globalized world.

Creator: Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU)

Description: Hungary is on the verge of an HIV epidemic among drug users. Despite the first HIV transmissions among drug users, the largest Hungarian needle and syringe program in the 8th district has been forced to shut down, because of political attacks. The HCLU’s campaign movie shows the inhumane circumstances of drug use in Budapest, and calls for reform of drug policies, including adding supervised injection rooms in the city. We call on viewers to sign an online petition for a drug litter free 8th district.

Creator: Sonke Gender Justice

Description: Vincent was raped by two gang members in an overcrowded cell in a Western Cape remand detention facility. This was his very first sexual experience. Vincent asked for help from nurses, wardens, priests, social workers, and even a magistrate who all rejected him and told him to expect this treatment in prison. He only received medical attention three years after he was raped when he was sentenced, and learned he was HIV-positive. Vincent calls on the Department of Correctional Services to stop this from happening to others, and encourages survivors to speak up. Vincent feels stronger than before, and says “I know I have a purpose in this life."

Creator: African Palliative Care Association (APCA)

Description: This 1.5 minute video gives a platform for three patients receiving palliative care services through Hospice Ethiopia to describe what the care they receive means to them. The video shows three patients from different life stages who share in their own words the impact of services on their lives and on their family./p>

Creator: African Palliative Care Association (APCA)

Description: This video provides an overview of three expert opinions regarding why palliative care shouldn't be considered a "luxury" but rather an essential service. In 1.5 minutes it paints a picture of the burden of disease in Africa, and emphasises the impact of these services on the individual. This is done through a photo montage of patients from Uganda and Kenya receiving palliative care from a health care provider in different settings (home, clinic, hospital).